The cost to purchase a single licence for TopCoat 2 and/or TopWeb 2 is given in the table below. Please contact us to arrange for a formal quotation, payment and a license key to be sent to you.

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TopCoat 2
Setup and 2 year licence £ 3299
Annual licence charge £ 699
TopWeb 2
Setup and 2 year licence £ 1100
Visco-elastic extension plus £ 350
Annual licence charge £ 375
Visco-elastic extension plus £ 100
TopWeb 2 & TopCoat 2
Setup and 2 year licence £ 4150
With Visco-elastic extension £ 4489
Annual licence charge £ 850
With Visco-elastic extension £ 950

Should you wish to upgrade from TopCoat to TopCoat2, we can offer you the ability to do this by simply enrolling onto our annual licensing scheme of only £599 per year, without the need to buy an initial 2 year license.

Should you wish to upgrade your perpetual TopWeb license to a perpetual TopWeb2 license, you can do this for the special upgrade price of only £499.

All prices are subject to VAT at 20.0%

Discounts are available for the purchase of multiple licences. In addition Rheologic also offer multi-seat network licences. Please Contact Us to discuss your requirements.

End-User License Agreement (EULA) for TopCoat and for TopWeb

All purchases are subject to the terms and conditions available here