The Power of TopWeb 2

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TopWeb 2 is a fully featured package to enable you to simulate all the key web handling processes and enables you to explore causes and cures of all the classic web handling problems.

TopWeb 2 is Windows based software that brings:

TopWeb 2 – 2010

TopWeb 2 has had a makeover.

The interface is clearer. The Help is more helpful. And we’ve added more problem-solving features:

Of course, current users can download and install the upgrade free of charge.

But there is more ...

The new ViscoElastic add-on (at extra cost) to the roll-winding allows you to model complex ViscoElastic effects in your wound rolls – including thermal cycling. This takes TopWeb to the next level of sophistication. It’s a model that’s not for the faint-hearted; you need to know the ViscoElastic parameters of your roll. But if you are suffering from time-dependent thermal effects in your wound rolls, this is the way to really get to know what’s going on.