Productivity Gains in Coating, Drying and Converting

TopCoat logo TopWeb logo Rheologic Ltd. specialises in developing predictive software for the coating and converting industry. These tools have a proven record in bringing about productivity gains and are used by a wide range of companies. RheoLogic are a team of top scientists and engineers who together have many years of experience at the leading edge of coating science and technology giving you complete confidence in the software. Rheologic Ltd. has developed and is selling two tools:

Both software packages include the latest scientific developments, additional coating and web-handling models, a refined user-interface and and tools for support including extensive video tutorialS.

TopWeb and TopCoat are now available fully in Japanese

Our two flagship programs have been translated - TopCoat J and TopWeb J now have all text and models in Japanese.
Visit the Japanese site for more information and to download your copy:

Custom models for your coating process

Rheologic also offer services to build custom models based on your exact configurations - please contact us if you wish to discuss this.