Liquid Flow

There are many aspects to liquid flow covered in TopCoat.

But one of the goals of TopCoat was to make it as useful for training purposes as well as for practical problem solving.

A typical example is the little guide to measuring viscosity.

The user can choose the liquid and by clicking a button gets a dynamic view of the typical cup and rotating spindle methods. As each liquid is changed the user sees how the Hole size for the cup and the spindle diameter/speed need to be optimized for that liquid. Maybe to an expert this modeller is of no great use. But we have real experience of it proving useful for those who weren't so expert.

Here's another example from the Flow Theory section.

Reynolds equation is critical for coating calculations. It is really understandable only by experts. However, the basic ideas that it combines Poiseuille and Couette flows can readily be grasped. And when you understand Poisieuille and Couette, a lot of coating makes a lot of sense.

The more you explore TopCoat, the more you find that will benefit your organisation.