TopWeb 2 has yet more useful modellers

Here in outline are the other things that TopWeb can do:

Torque and Inertia can be of considerable interest in some applications. This modeller covers all the essential calculations:

It is easy to get things wrong in web guide units. This modeller warns you when you might have problems through incorrect span lengths, tensions etc. In this example a Steering Guide (Kamber roller) gives shear wrinkles and a slack edge, whereas a Displacement Guide (OPG) with the same settings gives no problems.

It is sometimes necessary to analyse what is going on with a bowed roller system. The modeller captures all the necessary issues:

Because the Helix Illusion is so powerful within the industry, a whole modeller is devoted to explaining why wrapping tape as a helix round a roller does not and can not spread the web. A couple of circumferential wraps at the edge of the web does a good job without the need for an illusion!

The reason that a "couple of circumferential wraps at the edge of the web does a good job" is best explored through the design of concave rollers, of which the edge wrap is a very simple example.

In the image shown, the design is contradicting 2 of the 3 guidelines for a good concave roller. By playing with the variables you can very quickly design a concave roller that fixes your problem whilst using best practice design.